Friday 26 November 2010

SS11 Press Days: Mint Velvet

Two days ago myself and a fellow blogger descended upon the Mint Velvet press day held in the Music Room. A big fan of Mint Velvet, back in September I attended a blogging event hosted by the brand and was left eager to see the new SS11 collection, with my particular focus being on how the design team would carry the brand into its second year. When I was first introduced to the brand, just after its launch (many editorial fashion roles ago), I wasn't overly sold - in terms of sartorial opportunities for myself - purely because I perceived the brand to be aimed at a sophisticated and successful woman, which at 24, frankly I don't feel - yet. How wrong could my ill-advised perception have been?!
Clearly with every fashion brand the choices we make as consumers are a matter of personal taste, but with a brand such as Mint Velvet, the wrong assumptions can be made, unless you are a) more open minded - initially - than me or b) take the time out to go a retailer and feel the luxury of the garments first hand, as this certainly tipped the scales in my case. The point I'm making is that Mint Velvet is a fantastic British brand that does indeed produce fantastically chic and sophisticated items (think respectable necklines and hem lengths), that successfully appeal to women of all ages, shapes and sizes based on the sheer quality, superior design and subtle sexiness of the garments, which are always bang-on-trend.
Take for example all of these leather looks, in particular the cute waistcoat (pictured above, left) and the really chic tan leather shift dress with the most intricate detailing I've seen at the SS11 press days so far (above, right)!
Also available in the softest and best cut harem pants I've ever come across, I am head over heels in love with the grey silk dress (above, right). Everything from the cut (great volume on top and gathered in tight at the waist - good for busty ladies and those looking to give the illusion of a fuller bust), ditsy print (in the most beautiful charcoal shade) and soft luxurious texture make this garment a great all-rounder in my book.
Lastly I loved Mint Velvet's take on a sport luxe overcoat in a metallic grey, which was perfectly complimented by 3/4 length sleeves, drawstring belts and zips a plenty.

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