Wednesday 30 September 2009

Experimenting with Photoshop part 1

Monday 21 September 2009

Street Style, WC2 21.09.09

This afternoon I hit the streets of Soho armed with my camera looking for some great outfits and people with a clear sense of style for new trend blog Street Hunting Club. Unfortunately for me a lot of the uber cool fashion types weren't interested in having their photos taken- you know who you are! Persevering I stumbled upon a few stylish people (pictured below) and even managed to drum up an invitation for a one-on-one make up session this weekend by a lovely lady who works at Selfridges....
As you can see from the below images I didn't go out specifically looking to find people all following the same trend, rather I wanted to capture cool dressers who follow their own trends. Loving the young lady at the bottom who is rocking a really cute shirt and shorts combo, accesorised with the addition of pearls, bow headband and vintage belt. She looks very New Romantics meets Parisian chic with a little bit of emo thrown in for good measure- and it works so well. Absolutely love the lady below everything from the shoes to the hair and the cardigan works well and compliment each other and she's obviously not afraid to stand out... I like this look a lot and would love to raid her wardrobe, as I'm sure she has lots of great pieces which look even more amazing when worn together! Let's not forget the men who are also looking very dapper; one with an on-trend check shirt and statement shoes, the other in a great fitting suit, stylish accessories and a mod inspired haircut. Think I'm going to have to harrass people on the streets of London more often...

Saturday 19 September 2009

East End Thrift Store- Giant Jumble Sale today and tomorrow...

A few days ago my lovely sister invited me to attend a big sale of sorts at the  East End Thrift Store in Whitechapel. The idea is to fill a small bag for £10 or a large bag for £20.
Armed with my camera I headed off quite early this morning, and when we arrived (just an hour after they opened) the place was inundated with eager thrift shoppers. As we walked upstairs to the never-before-seen first floor we were met with a crowd of people endlessly trawling through piles on piles of clothing.
Whilst there were definitely some good items mixed in, the place looked a bit untidy and chaotic so I decided photographs might not be such a good idea, however I did snap everything I bought once I'd got it home (see pictures below). All in all great morning- I walked away with 7, yes 7 items for £10. Granted a couple of things need altering, but I've got a sewing machine sao fingers crossed I don't fuck it up. So excited about my navy purchases!!!
The sale is also on tomorrow so get yourselves down there pronto.

Sunday 13 September 2009

The Thames Festival

Yesterday myself any my family headed down to the Thames Festival, organised by Boris Johnson. Suffice to say it was overcrowded and not really all that great, although we still had fun as it was a beautiful day... There were lots of great attractions on display, but as it was so overcrowded I would say that the majority of people didn't get to appreciate them.
The highlight of the day for me was seeing some of the installations and attractions set up on the river's beach when the tide was out... 'What a joker!' is all I have to say on the man above just chilling with his little lunchbox... so cute and weird...

Friday 11 September 2009

Window shopping in Topshop

Ignoring my better judgement I visited Topshop a couple of days ago under strict instructions that I was to window shop only. Naturally I gave in and felt I had to purchase something so snapped up two basic vests for the bargain price of £9.00. Satisfied that I had bought something justifiable, (in that most of my basics have seen better summers), I was able to look at all the new stock without feeling compelled to spend more money that I don’t have.
The first item I found worth making note of was this beautiful two tiered dress by Reko (pictured above). As anyone who knows me well will tell you I was drawn to this dress largely due the navy blue skirt as this is one of my favourite colours especially when it comes to clothes. I love everything about this dress from the kooky and playful polka dot bow pattern on top, down to the delicate pleats of the skirt and the central oversized bow detail at the waist. Mostly I loved the simplicity of this dress’s shift design as its one of those staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn for almost any occasion making it a bargain piece At £40.00.
Another garment I found and felt compelled to bring to your attention was this grey sweater dress (pictured above). Designed as what I can only assume to be a transitional wardrobe piece to be worn from the end of summer through autumn. On the surface this looks like a lovely fine knit sweater dress, but on closer inspection, whilst made and finished really well the bottom skirt added to the dress just doesn’t sit right neither on the hanger nor myself.
After looking on the Topshop website I have found another similarly offensive dress (pictured above). Whilst I think I just about get where the Topshop designers were coming from adding an alternative skirt to the bottom, I feel that they perhaps used too much fabric which ends up looking a bit OTT. I definitely like the contrasting colours and cute ditsy floral print from the dress I tried on; however as it’s a much lighter cotton fabric it doesn’t serve to weight down the hem of the dress properly, instead making it very frilly and an easy target for the often flirtatious autumn wind. At £38.00 it’d definitely be worth a punt (as they say in Dragon’s Den), however I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to get maximum mileage for their money.
Final image courtesy of

Thursday 10 September 2009

Sex and the City 2: Flashback to the '80s

Yesterday eagerly anticipated images were leaked from the NYC set of Sex and the City 2, due for release in spring 2010. Pictures emerged of our four favourite Manhattan residents Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and charlotte York wearing a variety of fetching outfits revived from the depths of the worst ‘80s wardrobes. Clearly influenced by the ‘80s flashback trend seen on the FW09 catwalks, the four were papped shooting flashback scenes which pre date the original HBO hit series.
Carrie and Samantha had the most outlandish outfits by far (pictured above). With Carrie channelling an early Madonna complete with corset, tutu, pearls, fishnets, and the obligatory big hair looking as over the top as I would have imagined her when she first moved to Manhattan in the early ‘80s. In keeping with her character Samantha opted for a more punk influenced ensemble, complete with studded denim waistcoat, snake skin effect fishnet leggings and the biggest perm I’ve seen since the emergence of glam rock!
Miranda as the professional of the group was snapped wearing a hideous variety of unflattering power suits and a particularly fetching bowl haircut making her look by far the worst (pictured above). The Upper East Side princess Charlotte looked rather similar to her modern day appearance, dressed in a preppy polo-shirt, skirt and cardigan combo. The only ‘80s influence visible was her ever so slightly back combed hair- and what on earth are those pink pompoms doing on the heels of her trainers??? (pictured below)
The influence of the legendary SATC stylist Patricia Field is clearly visible in these shots and I’m so excited to see how she dresses the cast reflecting the financial constraints of the 'credit crunch'. Absolutely can’t wait for the sequel due for release next May. And with the legendary Bette Midler snapped on set, rumour has it that she will play the role of Carrie’s mother. With a canny resemblance to SJP I think Bette Midler would be a brilliant addition to the cast and with the two working so well together when they played witches in 1993’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ I for one cannot wait.
Images courtesy of the official Sex and the City website and Daily Mail Online respectively.

‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion styled by Simon Foxton’

 Yesterday I found myself at one of my favourite spaces, The Photographer’s gallery in Ramillies street, W1. I was there not a week earlier hoping desperately that there were still tickets available for the Simon Foxton lecture which took place on Tuesday. Unfortunately no tickets were returned, so I popped in again yesterday to console myself with his bold and exuberant images.
A retrospective of sorts ‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion styled by Simon Foxton’ looks back at his iconic styling career to date and its influence over men’s fashion since the early 1980s. This fantastic show illustrates how much of an authority Foxton has been on men’s fashion over the decades and how his work has changed attitudes towards both male subject photography and men’s fashion styling.
Whilst not at all unheard of, I think it is a great honour for the Photographer’s Gallery to celebrate a stylist and champion the clear influence they have and apply to each and every image they create. Working with equally as iconic photographer’s Jason Evans, Alasdair McLellan and the master Nick Knight, ‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion styled by Simon Foxton’ highlights his most powerful images which featured in publications ranging from i-D and The Face to and Arena Homme Plus and GQ Style.
Focusing purely on men’s fashion and the male as the subject for the past 25 years, Foxton’s body of work has clearly changed and redirected attitudes towards mainstream fashion image making, and has consistently challenged society’s notions of masculinity. Having been a contributor to the creative force that gave birth to Youth Culture, Foxton was at the forefront when he joined i-D in 1984 pushing the boundaries and exploring subcultures such as Punk and Rave. Foxton’s most widely explored subject is that of Gay subculture, subtly interweaving hints of homo-eroticism through much of his early styling to produce a new concept in men’s fashion.
What I love most about Foxton’s body of work is the clear continuity and loyalty to his subject that has kept his work both relevant and ground breaking throughout his career. What inspires me most about each and every one of his images is that they embody the feeling of a time and a place and give the sense that they were a part of something much bigger. Another factor which I believe can be attributed to Foxton’s success is the fervent energy that jumps of the pages in magazines and whether he is styling editorial or advertising the reader is left wanting more. It’s this passion and energy which shines through for me and I feel it is unrivalled.
I’d highly recommend this exhibition to anyone who professes their love of fashion as it is a must.
‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion styled by Simon Foxton’ is showing for FREE until 4th October.
Image courtesy of the Photographer's gallery website.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Elle MacPherson 'Intimates &' FW09 collection launch- 3rd September

Last Thursday I was delighted to attend the UK launch of supermodel Elle MacPhersons FW09 ‘Intimates’ collection hosted by Liberty. Upon arrival at the iconic Tudor inspired department store we were greeted with an endless supply of champagne and were left to browse the new ‘& collection’ which sees a breakthrough for Elle; introducing bras available in cup sizes D through to G. This was great news to the throngs of women who attended; most of whom I spoke with had like myself been eagerly awaiting this collection as it meant that they too could now squeeze their bosoms into Elle’s fabulously feminine designs.

Whilst awaiting the main event fashion show, shoppers were told of the fantastic 20% discount on offer for the night in addition to the style advice and expert measuring services available. We were treated to canapés of quail’s eggs, mini quiche, strawberries and cream, chocolates and for the more refined oysters provided the proverbial icing on the cake.

Around 7:30pm the fashion show kicked off and we were treated to two delightful models showcasing the collection’s 23 looks in full. Most sets featured rich fabrics such as silk and velvet and consisted of padded and under wired bras matched with either thong briefs or culottes (which for those conscious of a VPL, would only sit right when worn under a loose fitting skirt).

With a vibrant colour palette; base colours of the collection were beige, grey and black; with coral, turquoise, yellow and purple providing the accent colours much needed to brighten any winter wardrobe. A sexy silk and lace floral set caught my eye 9but alas was unavailable in my size), whilst the range of ‘Afterwear’ (code for camisoles and negligees’) was beautiful and would honestly flatter any figure.

With the show over there was a mass stampede to the lingerie rails and grabbing a couple of bras I was proud to be one of the first to test the measuring service. Whenever visiting reputable department stores such as Liberty’s, Selfridges or Harvey Nichol’s I find that being measured is a great test for whether they know their stuff when it comes to the lingerie department, and shockingly in my experience only a handful get it right. Needless to say Liberty passed with flying colours and confirmed my size and even went as far as recommending a couple of bras which they felt complimented not only my décolletage but also my skin tone. Agreeing with their suggestions I settled upon a lacy grey and coral number in addition to a beautifully crafted beige and turquoise set (see image below).
After visiting the tills and redeeming my 20% discount I discovered a fantastic goody bag which was given as a gift with purchase (see images below). Inside was a fabulous gift of a knee length sheer black negligee, a branded Elle Intimates notebook, Aveda products, Nars eye shadow and if that wasn’t enough an invitation to a Nars makeup masterclass for next Thursday. After yet more free flowing champagne I left my good friend H getting a makeover by a duo of gorgeous Nars hunks, and went home with a great goody bag, sexy new underwear and a broad smile after an evening of nonstop giggling.

Thursday 3 September 2009

'Searching for Light' by Zakee Shariff 04/09-26/09

If you’re in the East end and are looking for an exhibition and bar in one then why not pop down to the new print exhibition by Zakee Shariff  titled ‘Searching for Light’ which opens tomorrow. Held in one of my favourite hangouts when I was a cool and impressionable teenager, Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes on Kingsland Road in the heart of Shoreditch.

Although I’m going to miss the private view (clash with Liberty’s event) I’ll definitely head down this week to see her bright new works such as Chrystal Light, Multi Tri and Rainbow Path (pictured below).
Searching for Light’ is sponsored by Roxy Heart and is showing at Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes until 26th September.
Invitation and artwork courtesy of Zakee Shariff.