Thursday 10 September 2009

Sex and the City 2: Flashback to the '80s

Yesterday eagerly anticipated images were leaked from the NYC set of Sex and the City 2, due for release in spring 2010. Pictures emerged of our four favourite Manhattan residents Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and charlotte York wearing a variety of fetching outfits revived from the depths of the worst ‘80s wardrobes. Clearly influenced by the ‘80s flashback trend seen on the FW09 catwalks, the four were papped shooting flashback scenes which pre date the original HBO hit series.
Carrie and Samantha had the most outlandish outfits by far (pictured above). With Carrie channelling an early Madonna complete with corset, tutu, pearls, fishnets, and the obligatory big hair looking as over the top as I would have imagined her when she first moved to Manhattan in the early ‘80s. In keeping with her character Samantha opted for a more punk influenced ensemble, complete with studded denim waistcoat, snake skin effect fishnet leggings and the biggest perm I’ve seen since the emergence of glam rock!
Miranda as the professional of the group was snapped wearing a hideous variety of unflattering power suits and a particularly fetching bowl haircut making her look by far the worst (pictured above). The Upper East Side princess Charlotte looked rather similar to her modern day appearance, dressed in a preppy polo-shirt, skirt and cardigan combo. The only ‘80s influence visible was her ever so slightly back combed hair- and what on earth are those pink pompoms doing on the heels of her trainers??? (pictured below)
The influence of the legendary SATC stylist Patricia Field is clearly visible in these shots and I’m so excited to see how she dresses the cast reflecting the financial constraints of the 'credit crunch'. Absolutely can’t wait for the sequel due for release next May. And with the legendary Bette Midler snapped on set, rumour has it that she will play the role of Carrie’s mother. With a canny resemblance to SJP I think Bette Midler would be a brilliant addition to the cast and with the two working so well together when they played witches in 1993’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ I for one cannot wait.
Images courtesy of the official Sex and the City website and Daily Mail Online respectively.

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