Saturday 19 September 2009

East End Thrift Store- Giant Jumble Sale today and tomorrow...

A few days ago my lovely sister invited me to attend a big sale of sorts at the  East End Thrift Store in Whitechapel. The idea is to fill a small bag for £10 or a large bag for £20.
Armed with my camera I headed off quite early this morning, and when we arrived (just an hour after they opened) the place was inundated with eager thrift shoppers. As we walked upstairs to the never-before-seen first floor we were met with a crowd of people endlessly trawling through piles on piles of clothing.
Whilst there were definitely some good items mixed in, the place looked a bit untidy and chaotic so I decided photographs might not be such a good idea, however I did snap everything I bought once I'd got it home (see pictures below). All in all great morning- I walked away with 7, yes 7 items for £10. Granted a couple of things need altering, but I've got a sewing machine sao fingers crossed I don't fuck it up. So excited about my navy purchases!!!
The sale is also on tomorrow so get yourselves down there pronto.

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