Friday 11 September 2009

Window shopping in Topshop

Ignoring my better judgement I visited Topshop a couple of days ago under strict instructions that I was to window shop only. Naturally I gave in and felt I had to purchase something so snapped up two basic vests for the bargain price of £9.00. Satisfied that I had bought something justifiable, (in that most of my basics have seen better summers), I was able to look at all the new stock without feeling compelled to spend more money that I don’t have.
The first item I found worth making note of was this beautiful two tiered dress by Reko (pictured above). As anyone who knows me well will tell you I was drawn to this dress largely due the navy blue skirt as this is one of my favourite colours especially when it comes to clothes. I love everything about this dress from the kooky and playful polka dot bow pattern on top, down to the delicate pleats of the skirt and the central oversized bow detail at the waist. Mostly I loved the simplicity of this dress’s shift design as its one of those staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn for almost any occasion making it a bargain piece At £40.00.
Another garment I found and felt compelled to bring to your attention was this grey sweater dress (pictured above). Designed as what I can only assume to be a transitional wardrobe piece to be worn from the end of summer through autumn. On the surface this looks like a lovely fine knit sweater dress, but on closer inspection, whilst made and finished really well the bottom skirt added to the dress just doesn’t sit right neither on the hanger nor myself.
After looking on the Topshop website I have found another similarly offensive dress (pictured above). Whilst I think I just about get where the Topshop designers were coming from adding an alternative skirt to the bottom, I feel that they perhaps used too much fabric which ends up looking a bit OTT. I definitely like the contrasting colours and cute ditsy floral print from the dress I tried on; however as it’s a much lighter cotton fabric it doesn’t serve to weight down the hem of the dress properly, instead making it very frilly and an easy target for the often flirtatious autumn wind. At £38.00 it’d definitely be worth a punt (as they say in Dragon’s Den), however I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to get maximum mileage for their money.
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