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Brick Lane, March 2008

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Brick Lane, May 2008

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Brick Lane, December 2006

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AW10 Press Days: Part Eight

Last week I attended well over 30 press days in three days, and whilst tiring I have to admit that I loved every minute of it. Kicking off the first day with a bang was the Moschino press day held just above the beautiful Conduit Street store, hidden away behind a chic red door.
For me the AW10 Moschino mainline and Cheap and Chic collections had many highlights and key pieces, with the fringed leather jacket (above) being a firm favourite.
I love it when you realise that your preconceived notions of what constitutes good and bad colour palettes for example, are totally wrong, which happened when I loved how they had tastefully worked lots of gold into a predominantly black collection.
I really aprreciated the subtle nods to Chanel present in the use of pearls, tweed mixes and heavy deatailing. I also like the gold chain print on black which reminded me very much of the likes of Lanvin and Celine. Whilst certain pieces in particular clearly reminded me of pieces by other designers, I quite liked this as it added a playful feel, and I don't think there's anything wrong with channelling something as long as you either do it better or put your own spin on it - which Moschino certainly did.

Brick Lane, March 2008

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Sousse, Tunisia, July 2007

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Shoreditch, April 2008

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Brick Lane, February 2008

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AW10 Press Days: Part Seven

One of my favourite press days of the season so far was that of Hugo Boss. I think somewhere down the line I'd got Boss confused with the likes of Ralph Lauren, in that it was basic, boring and predominantly black, but I couldn't have been more wrong and was so relieved about that. I especially loved all of the menswear on offer, it was absolutely gorgeous.
As you can see I especially liked the bottle green glassses which I promptly tried on and left at a jaunty angle so I'd remeber to say that I liked them - a lot!!
The detailing on this evening dress was simply stunning... anyone who gets the chance to wear this dress (whether they be a model, a celebrity or a wealthy lady) will feel as if they're in a fairytale, as its one of those super special and ultra feminine gowns, which I believe is extremely limited edition, and may infact not be reproduced... watch this space.
The menswear was great. I loved the autumnal hues that came through and the beautiful and luxurious velevets and fine wools.
 Another great collection I discovered at the press days was that of Nicole Farhi, whose design aesthetic I adore. True to form (as is the case increaingly these days) I much preferred the menswear collection, which was effortlessly smart and chic.
Naturally my favourite piece (and resultingly, photo) of the day was of this vintage typewriter - very cool indeed.