Friday 9 April 2010

AW10 Press Days: Part Two

Two weeks ago I visited the IPR/ House of Gods press days in Shoreditch and also stopped by the A Number of Names office. Apolgies for the delay in writing this up... Hamburg and Easter and life in general kinda got in the way a little bit, but I'm back with a vengeance!!
As always I loved Auds beautiful graphic jewellery who I feel are possibly better than Tatty Devine... who obviously do retro kitsch to a tee, but Auds offers something simpler, and in its own way occupies a different space within the jewellery market. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
I loved the new AW10 collection by Yang Du. Once again his collection didn't fail to excite most of my senses, featuring the most fabulous prints and cartoon type characters throughout. A new designer I discovered is that of Eudon Choi, whose beautiful and striking (in an understated kind of way) military themed collection made me want to casually slip out in one of the coats, but alas it would have been too obvious, and perhaps more importantly I'm no thief!

I loved almost of all of the glasses in the new Prism collection, and I couldn't have stumbled upon them at a better time as I'm finally getting around to buying a pair of glasses, even though my eyes were confirmed as being on their way out a good six months ago now... whoops! Typically Firetrap and Lee Jeans offered more of the same, which wasn't at all a bad thing. Infact for particular brands such as these, it works in their favour as they do what they do best, and at least you always know what to expect and where you stand. What I did especially like about Lee was the way they had decorated their section of the showspace. It instantly screamed Jasper Johns... not sure he'd be too happy about that, mind.
A designer whom for me was another new discovery was Kate Moross. Whilst I've obviously heard of her, i've never before had the pleasure of seeing her clothes up close and personal before, and I was SO impressed. I especially loved her super simple perspex jewellery, and as for the floral batwing jumper, boy do I want it bad!
The A Number of Names press day was also really cool, and all of the staff were so lovely which SO makes a difference.
I have a memory a bit like a sieve so I can't remember what this cool streetwear brand were called but I absolutely loved the stars and stripes bow-tie, which I can now reveal is by NYthing. I've got to get my boyfriend one!
I absolutely loved the jewellery and coloured Zippos by Ambush, and especially loved the starred paper on the display stand. Whilst the picture of the skateboard deck looks totally out of place, its there to sincerely illustrate the best press gift I have ever received in my life... an Icecream skateboard, which is now taking pride of place in my front room - so amazing! Thank you Annoushka!

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