Friday, 3 August 2012

Why I haven’t been blogging of late

Three weeks ago I launched my first business.

The build up to which has keep me busy for the past three months, and will more than likely continue to do so.

Creative-Bloc is an online members club, directory and portal that unites freelance writers and prospective employers under one roof; sharing industry tips, news and global job opportunities.

Not only is Creative-Bloc unique because it bridges the gap between writers and prospective employers, it is also the only networking membership platform targeted to this niche sector with a global reach, offering numerous resources and job opportunities at Writer Members’ fingertips.

Creative-Bloc is aimed at two primary audiences; writers and employers. Writers can be working in any field and have any job role from bloggers, proofreaders and translators to speech writers, playwrights and poets – everyone is welcome. Employers vary from print and online magazines to publishers, charities and niche brands.

If you’d like to join drop me a line and I’ll give you a year’s free membership!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

SENSPA LUXURY in the BRITISH Countryside (written for SIX Magazine)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire to experience the tranquillity of SenSpa, a Thai luxury retreat that fuses traditional Eastern and Western philosophies of holistic wellbeing.

Named 'Sen', which in Thai translates as ‘energy meridians in the body’, and 'forest' in Chinese, SenSpa offers the perfect union of the rural British landscape and the healing properties of contemporary Eastern therapy.

Not one to turn down some clean country air and a day of pampering, myself and a guest arrived amid a downpour that was to last the whole weekend. Not dampening our spirits, our first impressions of the Careys Manor Hotel in quaint Brockenhurst were as you’d expect from a luxury four-star country house; grand and stately.

Less than a five minute drive from the train station (Brokenhurst is approximately an hour and a half south-west of Waterloo), Careys Manor and SenSpa are set back from the main road in 14 acre grounds, with all windows providing unrivalled views of lush greenery.

Emphasising a balance of mind, body and spirit, the spa facilities are second to none. If you’re not indulging in a treatment (it would be a shame not to, as they are so good), the hydrotherapy facilities are enough to calm even the tensest of visitors, and are well worth the trip.

Float in the large Hydrotherapy or Ozone swimming pool; sweat out toxins in the herbal sauna and the amethyst crystal steam room and cool down in the ice room – an experience like no other; super cool with crushed ice on tap and energising strobe lighting.

Experience showers, with ‘tropical’, ‘sea’ and’ ice storm’ themes, offer an interesting way to cool down or warm up; featuring an array of jets that hit different regions of the body in strong and short refreshing bursts which work to tone, cleanse and brighten. If you opt for the ‘ice storm’ theme, don’t be scared by the thunder and lightning effects, this is all part of the fun.

Conversely, if you’d prefer to avoid special effects, health showers offer a calming alternative. Enjoy stimulating overhead and side water jets which boost circulation, while aromas of eucalyptus and peppermint work to further relax both body and mind.

With several other facilities designed for optimum relaxation such as tepidarium; a relaxation room with heated loungers and hypnotic twinkling lights that resemble stars in a night sky and laconicum; a gentle thermal room which is less intense than a sauna and offers a gentle heat meaning you can stay for longer. If this wasn’t enough, there is also a room where oriental music is played, and one without, where guests are welcome to indulge in some quality alone time.

For those who prefer to do something more than simply let their stresses drift away, the fully-equipped gymnasium is great for working up a sweat. And then there are the treatments!

With Thai-trained therapists at the helm of SenSpa, the range of authentic treatments on offer is extensive. Seriously spoilt for choice, whether you’re looking for a facial (there are nine to choose from – each lasting between a quarter of an hour and an hour), a body wrap (choose between seven that utilise combinations of aloe vera, brown rice, lemongrass and Himalayan rock salt), a water treatment (three are available, each incorporating various elements such as Rhassoul mud and a variety of massage techniques) or massage (including traditional Thai, relaxing and revitalising); whatever results you’re looking to achieve there is a chemical-free natural remedy designed for the job.
Wanting to combine and experience as many techniques as possible, I opted for the hour-long Nam, Water Relaxer treatment which involved a deep body scrub, Vichy shower and a back, shoulder, neck and head massage.

Held in a Vichy room (one of 17 treatment rooms in the facility), I lay on a gently heated Hammam slab where a mixture of Himalayan rock salt and organic aloe vera was polished into my skin. With even pressure and a circular massage technique, my therapist exfoliated all over and paid particular attention to my heels, knees, elbows and back, ensuring she reached all the places that many find hard to access adequately at home.

Next came the Vichy shower, whereby the seven shower heads directly above me were activated, and warm water jets targeted my spine and ran across my back working to sooth and release tension. Much more comfortable than I had envisaged this was, surprisingly, the best part of the session for me as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the water, but was more than pleasantly surprised.

As the jets washed away the exfoliant, the therapy suite became a wet room, with my therapist paddling around the Hammam slab to massage my back, shoulders and neck, moisturising in the process. Finishing with a head massage which used ancient Ayurvedic techniques, all the stresses I’d arrived at SenSpa with genuinely stopped whirring around my head and I felt calm.

After a good, solid hour had passed my skin felt silky smooth, I was deeply relaxed, having almost fallen asleep on a couple of occasions, and didn’t want to leave. The perfect mix of relaxation and reinvigoration, this treatment targeted all my problem areas (dry skin, tense shoulders and a stiff neck).

No matter which treatment you are having or if you have any problem areas you’d specifically like targeted, the staff have such a way about them whereby you feel completely at ease in their care. My therapist consistently made sure I was comfortable and talked through each stage of my treatment so I knew exactly what to expect.

Exclusively using natural and organic products from the SenSpa Organic Therapy range in treatments; all skincare products use only natural, chemical-free ingredients, made in England and certified organic by the Soil Association. All packaging is designed to be as compact as possible and uses recycled materials, so you need not feel guilty about buying products in order to recreate your favourite treatments at home.

A place where you can easily while away a weekend, let alone a few precious hours, SenSpa and indeed Careys Manor are the ideal destination for relaxing, recuperating or pampering yourself for a few stolen hours. Expect warm, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere; you can wear your bathrobe across the hotel and spa (including the Zen Garden Thai Restaurant), however, there is a smart casual dress code in the award winning two AA Rosette Manor Restaurant.

Whilst there are a few pubs and other amenities located in the village of Brockenhurst, there is genuinely no need to leave Careys Manor, due to the on-site facilities. Choose between restaurants (Manor and Zen Garden Thai); the latter of which uses local, free-range and organic ingredients wherever possible, a cocktail bar and a boutique – just in case you lose your swimsuit!

Tearing myself away from the spa, some 20 hours after we checked in, I left feeling energised, revitalised and eager to come back and do it all over again. I never really thought I was a spa person, but it turns out I am, provided the atmosphere and surroundings are as tranquil as this, and the facilities as varied and innovative.

Treatment prices begin at £20 for an Anti-ageing eye treatment, rising to £105 for the Saboo, Deep Cleanse.

*Special thanks to Jane at Scarlett PR!*

Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

Marks and Spencer encourage the nation to go 'Shwopping'

Yesterday the beautiful Joanna Lumley launched a new initiative from high-street superstore Marks and Spencer, entitled Shwopping. The retailer’s new permanent nationwide sustainable fashion and clothes recycling initiative will enable all customers to hand in any old or unwanted item of clothing, from any brand, when they buy a garment in store. Donated items can then be reused, resold or recycled through campaign partner Oxfam.

To grab some headlines and get the campaign off to a good start, East London's Brick Lane was swathed in almost 10,000 items of clothing to symbolise the amount of clothes thrown into UK landfill every five minutes.

Interestingly the photo opportunity also revealed that Joanna Lumley will be the face of the campaign and the retailer’s new and first ever global eco and ethical ambassador. One small step for the British high street, one giant leap for mankind!

Images courtesy of Unity.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Why doing good always works (written for SIX Magazine)

A company that SIX has been eager to write about for a while is Good Work(s) Make A Difference®, who spread a message of humanitarianism and good will through their striking range of products. Committed to donating 25% of net profits to good causes that inspire, empower, and give hope to people around the world, never has accessorising felt so good!

One of Good Work(s)’s most popular product ranges is the wrap around bracelet, available in a plethora of bright and interesting colours such as teal, magenta, gold and silver. With several options including length, finish and stud detailing, customers have several options when it comes to customising. ‘Live in unity’, ‘sow love’, ‘speak kindness’, ‘forgive’ and ‘make a difference’ are just some of the wise and motivational words that come inscribed on the outside edge, promoting essential virtues and wisdom.

Read the article in full on the SIX Magazine website.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Scrapbook: Intriguing Architecture

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Art-iculate: Shami Chakrabarti by Gillian Wearing at the NPG

Shami Chakrabarti by Gillian Wearing, 2011 © National Portrait Gallery, London; commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery with the support of J.P. Morgan through the Fund for New Commissions.

Today my favourite modern political figure (and heroine) is immortalised in a portrait to go on display in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

In a commission by British Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing, Shami Chakrabarti, Director of campaign group Liberty, is depicted in a black and white photograph holding a wax mask of herself hanging from a ribbon.
The notion of the ‘mask’ has previously occupied Wearing, but for this commission the idea was initially prompted by Chakrabarti who commented to Wearing that her public persona is mask-like, often interpreted as ‘grim’, ‘worthy’ and ‘strident’.

Chakrabarti first sat for the portrait in September 2010, when she was digitally scanned for the wax mask – preferable to a plaster life-cast as it does not distort features. The mask was carefully sculpted and coloured, and includes glass eyes. Chakrabarti then returned to Gillian’s studio in April 2011 to be photographed with the mask.

A common thread that runs throughout Wearing’s work, some of which is currently exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery, is the disparity between public and private life and between individual and collective experience. This is particularly potent in the portrayal of Chakrabarti, a public figure whose work consistently raises issues relating to privacy and identity.

Shami Chakrabati is on display from 18 - 22 April 2012 in the National Portrait Gallery’s Contemporary Galleries (Room 40). The portrait will then go on display again from Wednesday 27th June.