Sunday 21 November 2010

Sanserif Creatius work their magic - again!

One of my favourite design studios is that of Sanserif Creatius who work tirelessly to produce environmentally-friendly furniture solutions amongst other things. Valencia-based, pioneers in social design, Sanserif Creatius have been busy working on a series of biodegradable products (primarily made from corrugated cardboard), which are particularly exciting. As you'll notice from the official product images below, Sanserif Creatius don't take themselves too seriously, which is part of why they're so great.
Last month saw the release of MyScreen frames; a decorative picture frame that defines the limits when projecting images onto a wall. This new product is conceived to resolve a need in contemporary spaces, where tube TVs and even flat screen plasma or LCD screens are giving way to Home Cinema. Using a video projector on a vertical surface is an increasingly more popular system for viewing images and audiovisuals.

“MyScreen recreates the corners of a virtual screen and ensures that the space we use for projections on a wall or another surface at home or in the office are clearly demarcated”, explains the designer and director, Ana Yago.
More recently, this month the design studio have created a table called Duduá, drawing its inspiration from typography (pictured above and below). Duduá is an n-shaped module that can be put to many uses and follows the Sanserif Creatius philosophy of bringing designs with industrial materials into homes and offices.
Again, Ana Yago explains: “Duduá can be used as a kind of wild card for decorators, either as a stool or side table. When we conceived the piece we envisaged it multiplying and growing in space, taking on new functions as more modules are added to the initial composition.”

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