Friday 19 November 2010

SS11 Press Days: Four Marketing

A good couple of weeks ago I went to the Four Marketing press day and have held back on writing about it for a while as its so far been one of my favourites of the season, due to their rich client list and great showroom and general friendly atmosphere.
The Missoni SS11 collection is by far one of the best I've seen from them in recent years, ever-so-slightly pairing down the thickness of their summer knits and streamlining both the direction and quantity of pieces (although, that maybe should be credited to the Four Marketing merchandising team...) The collection is bright, light and features several stand out pieces including the stunning white silk pleated number (above), which for me is a modern take on the dress Marilyn Monroe wore in the iconic steam grate scene in The Seven Year Itch.
Another great stand-out item is the subtle pastel body-con dress beautifully modelled above - great cut, and really flattering. I also really like the cute knitted shorts (pictured below).
With holiday/ beach being a major theme for Missoni (as you'd expect from such an iconic Mediterranean brand) accessories were at the fore, particularly a plethora of printed beach bags.
A new brand with an inspired name by Natalie Wood is Australia's Something Else, who for SS11 have produced a great collection of relaxed separates. Based on a barren, desolate landscape the SS11 offering, 'Middle of Nowhere' is all about layering whilst being highly textural and light. Boasting a smoky colour palette of natural dusty tones set against stark black, stand out garments include the slogan t-shirt and cleverly constructed knitwear (pictured below).
The final brand I was eager to see is that of Galliano who didn't disappoint. Whilst the majority of Galiano pieces I'd never wear - as opposed to his collections for Dior, which I adore season after season - I really like the bodice dress below and for some reason think it'll be really popular celeb-wise next season.
The two pieces below caught my eye in a very European way...
What was great to see was Galliano recreating his trademark newspaper print, where having the opportunity for the first time to have a really close read and inspection, I gleamed that the stories within are actually about Galliano himself, which for me is a very nice touch if not a little bit eccentric, which I like more.
As a great lover of yellow, I absolutely adore this light-weight Galliano coat, although being a perfectionist I feel it's a bit too mustard, however I think it's great and has definitely made it onto my lust-list. Funnily enough comparing the collection in the showroom and the look book, a distinct Japanese flavour comes across in the styling (of the latter), with garments layered and distressed as much as possible, reflecting Galliano's personal aesthetic to a tee.
Other brands I saw again and loved were Tween, a great young, smart menswear label (who had a great rustic pastel colour palette for SS11) and Money (below), which is a streetwear brand, who take their brand name quite literally using money (namely genuine dollar bills, although this season I spied a mocked-up £1 note) to decorate their garments and accessories.

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