Tuesday 5 October 2010

LFW Diary SS11 Highlights: Ashish

Much loved for his unrivalled take on fashion, I love nothing better than trying to guess what this great young designer will choose next as his inspiration, however sadly I was way off the mark this time round so won’t be sharing my predictions here.

This season it appears Ashish has delved into the depths of his dressing-up box and pulled out all things referencing Cowboys and Indians. You name it tassels, suede fringing, feathers, cowboy boots and bandanas made appearances, which were in stark contrast to the muted colours and restrained aesthetics seen across many of the LFW collections – merely an observation.

Not detracting from the qualities we’ve come to know and love - who else would ever reference the humble baked bean - Ashish described the inspiration for the collection as ‘the bastard child of Calamity Jane and Rooster Cogburn’ - throw Dolly Parton into the mix and what more could you want for SS11?!

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