Wednesday 10 March 2010

London Fashion Week Exhibitions: On|Off

As with every season, a highlight of going to the On|Off show space meant a great opportunity to check out their designer showcase. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to catch up with some friends and familiar faces such as the lovely Yan To, and the iridescent Brooke Roberts, whose luxury knitwear I just can't get enough of. As you can see from the range of images below, Brooke's second job as a radiographer heavily influences her collections, often utilising images taken from x-rays and CAT scans. In the extreme close-ups you can see her (now) trademark ortho fringing, where she uses special metallic plates that are used to correct/ replace bone. with her collections getting bigger and - if possible - better each season I'm already looking forward to SS11!

What I love about both designers is their unique and raw talent, which is increasingly hard to come by these days, especially in the fashion industry so it was truly a delight to see them both doing so well and producing further epic collections for AW10. I first wrote about Yan To back in November when I came across his debut collection 'One' at a press day.
I also discovered a new designer too, which is always great. I love that feeling of unadulterated excitement you get when you feel as though you've stumbled upon something really fantastic, indeed a real gem. What I liked about Aroma 30 was the elegant simplicity, which is something I feel is so hard to get just right, and she nailed it!
It was also great to see the Bryce Aime collection up close and personal, as whilst it was a great show, nothing beats being at close range, especially when the collection in question was a highly sculptural and artistic as Bryce's offering for AW10.

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