Sunday 14 March 2010

Blog watch... The Satorialist

At least once a week I try to read all the blogs on my blog roll, mainly because I am a fan of their creators' work, but also to catch up on all the different things in-industry that I'm most passionate about. I don't usually make a habit of copying/pasting other people's imagery, but I LOVE this photo taken by The Satorialist so much that I had to mention it - maybe if only to not forget it myself. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so lets hope it applies in this instance...
I don't really get many style crushes for people, although objects - mainly accessories I do - (maybe I'm missing an envy gene) but in this case I've fallen completely head over heels!
Image courtesy of The Satorialist. If you're reading this Scott, thank you ever-so!

I love everything about this French lady... I love the mix of colour, the miss matching socks, the beautifully cut red blazer... I love how her beautiful leather bag is so carelessly strewn under the table. I love the brogues too and can't wait until mine adopt that - ever so hard to purposefully replicate, and where's the fun in that anyway?! - lived in look. I love hats with a passion (have I ever mentioned that I'm obsessed with navy?!) and just love everything about her individual style right down to her effortlessly cool curly hair. And doesn't her salad look so well presented? I'm longing for Paris... I used to make a habit of taking myself every year for my birthday but that kind of stopped after 19 which was alarmingly some years ago now... I love the anonymity of walking around such a beautiful and culturally rich city alone absorbing the romance of the place and relishing any excuse to visit my favourite galleries. Its been too long, and my birthday is nearly looming... (although its a birthday of a different kind today!!!) I'll let you know when I can afford that Eurostar ticket!

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