Monday 29 March 2010

G-shock/ Secret Wars press trip to Hamburg: Part Two!

On thursday night it was time for the main event so after exploring the hotel and downing my complimentary bottle of Becks, we caught cabs to the central venue, Embassy for the live battle. Promoted through word of mouth only (as are all Secret Wars events), I was really impressed with the turnout as it was packed. Whilst it was a relatively small venue, it was filled to almost double capacity with people flouting the laws (which support a national smoking ban, as in the UK) and puffing away like no one's business, making me long for the days when I used to smoke... there's nothing like being a smoker when on the continent... there's just too much choice, and everyone else is doing it so you don't feel so naughty – although surprisingly my willpower held!
On the way in we were all stamped with G-shocks!
Before the battle started we were reminded of the rules:
There are 90 minutes on the clock; during which an artist is placed on either side of an invisible line. Only black paint can be used on white walls, with no sketches or pencils allowed! The battles are judged by two guest judges and a crowd vote, whereby appluase for each team is measured using a decibel reader.
This is the London team, who were on the left side of the wall.
Mr Gauky painting away (above).
This is the London crew, with founder of Secret Wars, Terry Guy in the centre (above). I recently found out that In november 2009 Secret Wars and Edding won the The Lloyds Innovation award at the Arts and Business Awards, which is so cool... nice work guys!
On one of the walls we could see the projection of a G-shock watch which counted down the 90 minutes (pictured below).
This is the Hamburg team, who were on the right side of the wall.
As you can tell from the pictures of the audience, the place was really rammed - especially in front of the Hamburg wall, so aplogies for the lack of pictures - but the atmosphere was electric looking as though all the cool kids had come from neighbouring areas to attend the event.
This is the Hamburg team.
As the clock counted down I couldn't move for toffee so gave up and went to the bar, choosing to get some more shots at the end after the battle was over (below). The atmosphere was electric as the judges were deliberating for a while so we were treated to some beatboxing by Reeps One which was amazing!!! After a tense wait, victory was declared to the Hamburg team, who deservedly stole the win (2-1). Tough break London! I really liked both pieces, but their clarity in collaborating on one main image really paid off and I love their kooky Alice-In-Wonderland kind of table and characters - very cool indeed!
After the battle we headed back to the G-shock branded bus parked outside the venue, where it rested after having caused quite the stir travelling through the streets of Germany the whole way from the UK. Lots of beer, pizza and sambuca ensued, topped off by Yurik, a lovley Polish guy who collects boomboxes - and had one with him - bringing the music to our party!
The London wall is above, with the Hamburg wall below.
Special thanks to John and Sarah from Casio, Michelle and Jemma from Frank PR and Terry and the Monorex crew... it was a great adventure!

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