Sunday 21 February 2010

London Fashion Week Diary: Day Three

Today was a great day! Sincerely my best at LFW so far... I went to some great shows: Betty Jackson, Doii and Horace! I also caught lots of great presentations/ stands in the morning. A designer whose work I love is that of Georgia Hardinge... I mean check out these garments.... the structure, the textures... it was all too much, too good... I even got to meet the designer as well!
As their catwalk show was last night PPQ's AW10 collection also went into the static exhibition... check out the gold coat (really heavy) and the monogram print... very 80s if you ask me...
Nicholas Kirkwood shoes were also making their way back to Somerset house, pair by pair. These are all collabs he did with various designers for AW10, sadly I'm not sure which are which... I just know they're all beautiful!
Betty Jackson was immense... by far one of my favourite shows:
Didn't like this show at all... the most interesting thing about it was the models dyed hair... a great distraction from the sea of bland black!!
Doii was absolutely WONDERFUL- by far my favourite show so stay tuned for a long post on this later in the week...

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