Wednesday, 24 February 2010

London Fashion Week Diary: Day Five

Today was another great day at LFW... I caught Ashish at 9am, which was well worth waking up for... such a beautiful, beautiful show. I also caught the Ada Zanditon show and spent the rest of the day in the press lounge... accidently hearing Brix Start-Smith talking very loudly about her new TV show on the phone... but I'm no gossip!!
Really unusual boat/ paper hat invite from Ashish... I thought it looked pretty flimsy, but it got me onto the front row, so I'm not complaining!

Lots of spectacular sequins as bright as anything... exactly what ou'd expect from Ashish... loved the chunky knits too and voluminous shapes... superb!
Bananas in pyjamas anyone???


  1. I will watch anything that has Brix Smith-Start in it so that is excellent news.

  2. I know she's very cool isn't she... I want to be like that... smart, successful, beautiful! Some ladies have all the luck :-)