Friday, 6 November 2009

SS10 PRESS DAYS: Part Three

A few days ago I had the good fortune of being invited to attend the Paul Smith press day. Having not had the pleasure of attending a leading fashion designer’s showroom before I was very excited to see what it would be like. Upon arriving I noticed that the back wall opposite the reception desk had several framed images and upon questioning I discovered that this photo montage had been created by Sir Paul himself. Like many I used to have one on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager and I continued this through university and it’s something I’d be keen to do again if I were to have a studio space.

As soon as I entered the main showroom space I saw the swimsuit above and instantly smiled as I recognised the print extremely well.

I bought a vintage A-line floral skirt from The Stables in Camden town when I used to work there about 6 years ago, so it was great for me to see this pattern peppered through Sir Paul’s collection– as it means that I am instantly going to be on-trend when I wear it next year.

Strange co-incidences aside I loved that the space was decked out with what looked like an old circus set with old fashioned painted wooden panels which featured everything from playing cards to noir-esque street scenes.

In amongst all this there were also the most beautiful chandeliers (surprisingly I haven’t yet disclosed here my GREAT PASSION for antique chandeliers) which brought a level of decadence to the building and sat well when juxtaposed with Sir Paul’s decadent collection.

Both the mens and womenswear collections were exactly what I had expected. Paul smith’s usual cacophony of bright colour and ethnic inspired pattern didn’t disappoint. Aside from the aforementioned florals other patterns included stripes, check and varying animal prints.

Accessories were bright and bold and had maximum impact. From the stacked sandals to the hot pink clutch there were also a series over over-the-top beaded necklaces which were amazing.

For the boys there were bowler hats in blues and baby pink and an array of brightly coloured woven loafers and brogues. If you look closely at the image below you will also be able to see one of the London Undercover umbrellas which I mentioned in my write up of the Blow press day– how’s that for continuity?!

All in all a great eye-popping collection which made me long for Summer and a higher disposable income so I could buy everything in sight. For now I’ll gladly settle for my cool vintage skirt which genuinely looks as though I picked it straight from the SS10 rack.

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