Tuesday 3 November 2009

Graffiti animation by Arnaud Jourdain

This morning as I was travelling to work I read a copy of the Metro as I'm sure hundreds of thousands of other commuters did too. What caught my attention was news of a fantastic short film by mysterious ench designer Arnaud Jourdain who over the past five years has documented the graffiti left in tribute to the great Serge Gainsbourg on the side of his Paris home. The film is an obvious homage to the late Serge and briefly examines the layers of graffiti built up using animation to speed up and also strip them back, bringing the 3-D graffiti back to life that has long since been replaced by bigger and better throw-ups and murals. A fantastic piece of work, I'm sure you'll agree.
Serge Gainsbourg - animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

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