Wednesday 25 November 2009

If Tracey Emin ruled the world...

A couple of days ago I attended the V+A to view the Fashion Future Now exhibition and ended up spending a rather long time looking around the main fashion room, 40. In amongst all the beautiful garments and evening dress through the century I found this fabulous Tracey Emin creation for Longchamp from the recent 2004.
As a big fan of Tracey Emin, who like marmite you either love or hate her, I absolutely love the impact of her work and think it’s unrivalled really in the realm of modern art. I think there are a lot of twats out there who try and fail miserably to create something that both shocks and has impact in equal measures– who inevitably can’t live up to their own hype and fail miserably. What I like about Emin is that her work is balsy and semi-autobiographical and that it works, she some how manages to pull it off– even with a dirty bed! I think mostly I respect her for putting herself out there no holds barred, and not giving a s**t what critics and a**eholes alike say about her.
Whilst I could talk about Emin’s illustrious back catalogue of works all day I’m digressing– although I will say that it was great to see her strutting her stuff around the Saatchi gallery in the BBC2 series School of Saatchi. What I like about Emin’s suitcase for Longchamp titled ‘International Woman’ is that it pays to her biggest strength, which is in textiles (although personally I love her drawings and photography too). I think I just feel inspired by the uniqueness of Emin’s work as its instantly recognisable and so full of character and life. Can’t get enough of it so if any of my friends and family aren’t sure what to get me for Christmas yet here’s your first hint. I also need a scanner, a hard drive, oh and a house would be good– any takers?!

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