Saturday 25 February 2012

Make + Mend: A Guide to Recycling Clothes and Fabrics (written for SIX Magazine)

A brilliant new book released this month by Spring Hill encourages those with thrifty minds and idle hands to rejuvenate old clothes and transform fabric remnants into new and stylish fashion and home-ware pieces. Perfectly timed to appeal to the crafty among us this spring, history tells us that it is now in times of financial hardship that we become thrifty, growing our own fruit and veg and exploring new ways to make items we already have last a little longer.

Written by Rebecca Peacock and Sam Tickner Make + Mend: A Guide to Recycling Clothes and Fabrics is packed to the brim with ideas, handy tips and easy-to-follow patterns perfectly demonstrating how to give old clothes a new lease of life. If you’ve ever wondered how to transform an old, tired coat into a cushion cover, create a tote bag from a ripped dress or a neck-tie from a negligee, this handy ‘make-do and mend’ book will divulge all.

No longer the preserve of an old ladies’ circle, crafts are en vogue again, seeing institutions like the WI welcoming a new generation of women eager to learn the skills no longer taught at home or in school. No matter what your experience to date, Make + Mend breaks down each instruction, enabling those of all sewing and embellishing abilities to learn new skills and ultimately produce something unique.

To read the article in full visit SIX Magazine.

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