Tuesday 31 May 2011

A Point Of Design: Bold Chair by Sanserif Creatius

Image courtesy of Sanserif Creatius
Once again Valencia-based design studio Sanserif Creatius have created a new innovative product that pushes the boundaries in furniture design, presenting a bench style chair that is made from 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard. Environmentally sound, the functional, economically viable and serialised production based ‘Bold Chair’ is created in one single die. Made of 5mm thick sheets the standard model measures 50x63x72 cm, weighs 16 kg and has an estimated resistance of 1,000kg in compression tests.
With no screws or wedges, there is reduced machine and staff related costs along the assembly line, helping to reduce the collateral energy consumption in production. With both assembly and handling carried out exclusively in special employment centres; to reinforce values of integration and respect, Sanserif Creatius continue to amaze me.

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