Friday 27 May 2011

Garment of the Week: Moon Life United Nude Flat Pack Shoe

This week there was no contest what-so-ever as to which brand would get my Garment Of The Week accolade. über cool company United Nude have produced a sleek, eye-catching and sexy flat-pack shoe. Initiated by Spanish performance-artist Alicia Framis, the ‘Moon Life’ project is about space travel and the speculation of future living in space. Framis invited a select group of artists, architects and designers to create futuristic, radical and even political but humane concepts for the lunar environment. United Nude was invited to design a shoe, suitable for life in outer space.
Images courtesy of Surgery PR.
By choosing to create a piece for indoor use, United Nude, were able to craft a high-heeled shoe both elegant and sexy while not be limited by the extreme conditions of space such as temperature and pressure. Additionally, United Nude’s goal was to create a shoe that can also function in a gravity rich environment. The outcome is the United Nude Flat Pack shoe: A shoe that customers can assemble themselves, while the uppers of the shoes are interchangeable and suitable for customizing.
The base of the shoe is built from flat carbon fibre pieces, moulded foot-bed pieces and 3-dimensional sole pieces that simply slot into each other. These parts are all adjoined by a thin wire span on the sides. The upper of the shoe is a lace with 2 leather pieces. The assembly takes no longer than 10 minutes for each shoe. United Nude is developing a final version of this product that will be available for purchase in very limited numbers at, as well as at selected museum gift-shops around the world and at the brand’s website Now that is what I call fashion-forward-thinking!

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