Thursday 19 May 2011

Fresh From The Production Line: Kipling Monkey Mash-Up

Design by Susie Lau. Images throughout courtesy of Surgery PR/ Kipling
Mid-range leather accessories specialists Kipling have recently launched an initiative to invite their customers to create their own design for the brand’s iconic monkey mascot which adorns each product. Updating the monkey charm each season, this is your chance to give it an iconic make-over.
Design by Jessica Penfold
To ensure the project goes off with a bang, Kipling have teamed up with renowned style publication Dazed and Confused and have recruited three, young talented London ‘trendies’, challenging them to turn their creative hands to giving the brands iconic monkey an image overhaul. Susie Lau of international renowned blog Style Bubble, Alex Brownsell of colour salon Bleach and comic book artist and illustrator Jessica Penfold were all sent their own monkey to design however they wished, resulting in three highly unique and innovative monkeys, reflecting their individuals creative flair and talent.
Design by Alex Brownsell
To join the monkey madness and get creative visit, where you can download the monkey template, create your own unique design and submit it to the sites’ gallery, where the designs with the most ‘likes’ will be put forward to the judging panel, resulting in one design being proclaimed the winner. The lucky designer will have their vision brought to life on one of Kipling’s 85cm monkeys and showcased on Dazed Digital as well as being displayed in Kipling’s Regent Street store window. If that wasn’t enough the overall winner will receive £500 worth of Kipling product, while four runners up will also receive a Kipling bag of their choice and their own mini Kipling monkey.
Design by Margot Bowman
Kipling will also be auctioning the three unique creations from Susie Lau, Alex Brownsell and Jessica Penfold along with mashed up monkeys from illustrator/ artist Margot Bowman, the Silver Spoon Attire designers, Paula Goldstein and Valentine Fillol - Cordier of Purple Magazine online from 14th June with all proceeds going to The Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity devoted to improving the lives of young people with cancer. Get creative and get behind this great cause.

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