Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Point Of Design: Dividing Space with Typography

Valencia based design company Sanserif Creatius have introduced a decorative modular system designed to be used as shelving or to divide spaces within a home or business environment. COMA, whose name is taken from comma (the punctuation mark), is made of two modules combinable in different positions through the use of a metallic structure covered in wood panelling. The main aim is to “reorganise spaces through a graphic play that reconverts a separating wall into an ethereal and multifunctional element”.

COMA helps create different spaces using graphic recourses borrowed from the alphabet. Similar to the way in which punctuation marks indicate different parts of a sentence and text structure, COMA organises spaces without physically separating them. Furthermore, its modular structure enables it to act as a simple arrangement of space whilst transforming itself into shelves, a display unit or a container – among many other possibilities.

With the piece anchored to the wall, “It is akin to a branch emerging from the bricks and cement, bringing light and depth into any space. COMA sets in place an evocative visual game with a lightweight volume, replacing the concept of the dividing wall with a structural element added into the construction”.

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