Saturday 5 February 2011

Create a luxurious pout with Bonbon

Image courtesy of Bonbon
A couple of weeks ago I had a beauty epiphany when I discovered eco-friendly cosmetics brand, Bonbon. Established last year by plant scientist, Dr Sally Marsh, the aim of Bonbon is to supply customers with freshly made artisan lip balms with a twist – creating a unique new monthly subscription club. Members of Bonbon's club receive a complimentary luxury lip balm at the beginning of each month, with a delicious new flavour to look forward to every time – creating a unique buzz and excitement around the product.

Designed by one of London's hottest and most in-demand new artists, Jack Featherstone, each lip balm comes with its own limited edition graphic label that reflects the juicy flavour of the lip balm inside. All Bonbon lip balms are handmade using only the loveliest natural ingredients and natural aromas, with the the Bonbon secret formula containing creamy shea butter and moisturising coconut oil combined with natural aromas and essential oils. Available in a variety of lip-smacking flavours such as fruity strawberry, juicy lime and tangy tangerine this is one product I wish has been around for much longer.

Of her product Dr Marsh says: “I am passionate about the importance of plants, the environment and communities, so it was always the case that my business would share these values. As well as using only the highest quality natural ingredients, bonbon always uses organic and fairtrade options whenever these are available.”
Individual lip balms are priced at £6 each. Subscription to Bonbon's lip balm club is £5 per month (with free postage and packaging).

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  1. This pink should suit light to medium skin tones, both cool and warm, because it doesn’t have strong cool undertones. It may wash out deeper skin tones, though. I also want to reiterate that glosses have a very strong rose scent.