Sunday, 23 January 2011

Secret Wars Euroleague: The Final

For those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll remember last March the lovely people at G-Shock flew me out to Hamburg to report on their sponsored event, Secret Wars Euroleague 2010 (founded and run by Monorex). Last Saturday (all of ten months later, and after 60 separate battles) the grand final took place at the East London home of Monorex, Village Underground. With rival European cities Birmingham (in balaclavas) and Amsterdam (in chef whites) desperate to be declared overall winners of the tournament, last weekend’s event saw a fierce battle on the biggest Secret Wars wall ever erected.
Images courtesy of G-shock.
With a cool judging panel comprised of Ligaya Salazar (Curator at the V+A Museum), Luke Monaghan (G-Shock blogger and film maker), Lucy Seabrook (of Casio) and Ingi Erlingsson (I love Dust), the judges ensured Secret Wars rules were followed (such as artists only using black ink, keeping to their side of the wall and completing their artwork within the 90 minute timeframe), and presided over voting which saw the crowd (holding the all important fifth vote) make the most noise ever recorded at a battle.
Snatching victory with their tongue-in-cheek piece titled ‘Meet the Burninghams’, Amsterdam smashed it winning four of the five votes. Team Amsterdam will now be granted the chance to create a limited edition G-Shock watch design, and will also qualify to fly to New York in the spring to compete against team USA, in what is set to be the biggest battle in Secret Wars history. Congratulations Amsterdam!!

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