Friday, 14 January 2011

Garment of the Week: Ashish for Topshop

This week's decision was a no-brainer. On Monday - which isn’t *technically* this week - one my favourites, and no doubt the most fabulous London designer of them all, Ashish launches his sixth collaboration with Topshop featuring dazzling prints that will appeal to his magpie fashion fans and the surrounding Oxford Street pigeons alike. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savoury, to be frank, it doesn’t matter as Ashish’s veritable feast for the eyes is so retro-kitsch you’d be a fool not to want a piece of the action – or should I say, a piece of the pie?

Clearly inspired by the fast-food industry, when I first saw the four designs on offer (two oversized t-shirts and two sweatshirts, pictured above and below), I genuinely thought I might lapse into a sugar-fuelled coma. After coming to my fashion-senses I marvelled at how mass-produced and fake the foods look, which strangely makes me love the prints even more. Perhaps because junk food is a no-no in my house, the collection makes me feel like I can still indulge in things that are bad, and even have a (fashion) binge or two.

Speaking of the collection, Ashish said: “The inspiration was very easy – I love junk food! I was thinking of what I would like to wear to the gym, and I thought junk food on t-shirts and sweatshirts would be perfect! Perhaps not very motivational, but definitely very amusing!”

As luck would have it I have an appointment in Topshop on Monday so I’ll see you there, and be warned; I am prepared to (fashion) fight for my fave piece, the doughnut sweater.

Prices start at £40 and items are available from Monday morning in flagship London stores and online.

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