Wednesday 21 October 2009

Traditional London phonebox left to go to ruin- Update

Yesterday I was in the West End area so thought I'd pop back to the phonebox in question to see if there were any signs of it having been cleaned up in the past two weeks.
Oh what a surprise it wasn't. The council still haven't replied to my complaint. Don't think they have a leg to stand on as they cannot argue that no one has been in the area to sweep the streets or empty rubbish in the past two weeks as this would be shameful for such a central London tourist spot. So this leads me to believe that Camden council staff clean around it but don't bother to touch it. Why? Perhaps I should contact BT and see what they think...
If anyone wants to take a look for themselves head towards St. Giles Street, WC2H and you can't miss it!
Don't know what happened to my previous complaint... perhaps it didn't send as I just complained again and got a reference number: 5615537. Fingers crossed I hear something!!

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