Saturday 31 October 2009

Introducing CAMP TERROR by Buckstyle

A few days back an intriguing Halloween inspired YouTube clip appeared in my inbox so getting into the festive spirit I thought I’d take a sneak peek. Part gore fest part fashion extravaganza CAMP TERROR is brought to us by the lovely people behind Buckstyle. Showcasing the latest winter apparel from brands as varied as Paul Smith, Woolrich, Topman and Asos, this fashion short is a cross between (a much better) Blair Witch Project and an illegal rave in the woods with lots of guests turning up impeccably groomed only to run into a meat-cleaver wielding maniac– giving it quite an impact!

Whilst on the subject of Buckstyle I remember going to the launch party around this time last year so all that remains to say is: Happy 1st birthday Buck!

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