Thursday 18 August 2011

Creative-Idle featured on the Wardrobe Mistress blog

Earlier in the week I met with Willow Magic of fantastic e-tailer Wardrobe Mistress for a brief Q+A on my personal style.

**This week Willow Magic met the fabulous creative Rachael Oku, Founder of Creative-Idle blog and Associate Editor of Six Magazine

Name: Rachael Oku
Profession: Blogger/Founder of Creative-Idle, Associate Editor of SIX Magazine and Sub-Editor.
Location: London
Passion: The worlds of fashion and modern art
I work in fashion because… I get to meet and work with a wide array of brilliantly creative people and rarely are two days ever the same. It’s thrilling to call something I will always do as a hobby my job. That said, I have always had a love/ hate relationship with fashion: sometimes I feel it is too frivolous a pursuit, but most days I cannot contain my excitement for the latest collections…
What makes my work interesting… is the variety. As the founder of a blog and website I call the shots and have creative freedom, enabling me to write about and embark on projects that truly interest me. Working for SIX Magazine is a dream as I am constantly challenged to find new S&E designers to feature, and hopefully I’m helping to propel S&E fashion further into the mainstream consciousness.

I get my fashion inspiration from … novels such as The Great Gatsby and Vile Bodies and old 40s and 50s films. Favorites are classics such as All About Eve, Gilda, and How to Marry A Millionaire. TV show Mad Men sums up the style of most of my vintage fashion choices, and I am, like most women, guilty of being inspired by fashion magazines. The Glamour Of The Gods; Hollywood Portraits exhibition currently showing at The National Portrait Gallery sums up the aesthetic I strive to achieve.
My Style in a sentence is… ever changing, although I must admit it is largely dependent on my mood and the weather when I wake up. At the moment I’m loving smart masculine accessories and the ensuing intrigue of men on the tube!

My luxury must-have item is… can I say my Paul Smith glasses? Necessary and stylish in equal measure.
What’s your best Style advice… simply to be yourself. When I was younger I bought into fads as I wanted to look like my peers, but in recent years I’ve realized that there is nothing better than looking like yourself – unique. My top tip would be; dress to show off your personality!
Wardrobe must haves:
A good pair of brogues
A staple pair of tried and tested jeans that match everything
Black suit / tux jacket
Structured handbag (preferably vintage, very Betty Draper/ Margaret Thatcher)
Cases full of vintage statement accessories
Beautiful printed fabrics
Most treasured item in your wardrobe and why… This would have to be my new embossed leather briefcase that I got earlier this month from Camden Stables Market. I’m a sucker for all things vintage (this is from the 40s or 50s), and goes perfectly with the preppy/ masculine look I’m rocking at the moment. Alternatively I still love my vintage navy Dior handbag that I’ve had for about a decade.
What is your favorite piece on the Wardrobe Mistress site right now… a very tough choice, but I’d have to say the khaki coloured Dolce + Gabbana party dress – it’s gorgeous and a bargain too!**

Visit the Wardrobe Mistress website to read the article in full.

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