Monday 11 July 2011

Fashion Brand of the Month: Yan To (written for SIX Magazine)

Image of Yan To, courtesy of Sian To
Beautifully unique in every way, Yan To is a true designer’s designer. Having converted from a career in corporate advertising to one in fashion design, To debuted his eponymous label in February 2010 with the landmark collection, One. A range primarily comprised of chic dresses with halter-necks and open backs, it featured the amazing ‘20 Marlboro Lite’ series which saw To experiment by burning holes in several dresses, after ‘attacking’ them with spray paint, displaying a unique and unrivaled resourcefulness and investigatorial approach to design.

A true risk taker, whose integrity is paramount to his brand, To is a rare breed in fashion actively promoting the concept of anti-fashion, opting not to work with a PR and to steer clear of celebrity endorsement, instead seeking to subvert what is expected at every turn. With an unprecedented respect for his customer base, To believes that gifting garments to celebrities is disrespectful to the people who buy his clothes, offering them garments to enhance their mood, but not dictate it.
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