Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Art-iculate: John Rose - Water MMXI

Early Summer. Warming. Wind and scudding clouds allow blue to break dark lines through canopy by John Rose. Images courtesy of Paget Baker
A good few weeks ago I visited Gallery 27 in the heart of Mayfair to check out the stunning new exhibition by John Rose titled Water MMXI. Comprised of a selection of contemporary photographic based works, this groundbreaking series of work centres around themes of fluidity, texture and the tranquillity of water, exploring in particular, the fleeting moments of moving water. Looking in particular at how seasons affect the appearance of water, Rose brings a perceptive originality, documenting the variety of colour, pattern and texture visible in different seasons.
Spring Bright
Strongly against the trend to manipulate modern photographs, Rose favours ‘untouched’ moments that depict his subject as he saw it then. Rose is particularly interested in the unaffected spontaneity of an instant; stating that “these influences, such as... water speed, particles suspended, temperature, wind, cloud cover, seasonal and emotional circumstances, provide a boundless palette for exploration.”
Spring. Cool waters running over lush green weed
The transience of water is central to his work; the artist presents images that are indicative of the passing of time, capturing ephemeral moments, which he flawlessly translates into print.
Rose's work also appears in Quintessentially Living 2011, along with information about his bespoke luxury design company, Charlie York who celebrate the complex beauty of the familiar.

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