Tuesday 22 March 2011

A Point Of Design: Mustafá table

A Spanish design company I’ve written about on many occasions, Sanserif Creatius last month launched the ingenious Mustafá table. Inspired by Arabian art, the Mustafá is a versatile M-shaped table that stays true to the Sanserif Creatius philosophy of bringing groundbreaking designs created with sustainable industrial materials into social environments. Honing the environmental and social values underpinning Sanserif Creatius’ designs, the Mustafá table is part of the exclusive collection created from corrugated cardboard presented at the latest edition of Habitat Valencia Fair.
Ana Yago; a designer for Sanserif Creatius says: “We are keenly aware that users are looking for added values, furniture and products with soul, that transmit cultural, social and environmental values”. Yago also underscored the need to recover and/or add industrial materials to the repertoire used for the home and office, given that “it is well demonstrated that they are incredibly multifunctional with a range of features well above more conventional materials.”

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