Thursday 31 March 2011

Fresh From The Production Line: Louis Vuitton, Double Exposure

Having long been a fan of the enigmatic and inspirational Sam Taylor-Wood, I was thrilled to learn about a month ago that she is the first in an exciting series of artists to team up with Louis Vuitton, collaborating on the high fashion label’s latest film and photography project entitled, Double Exposure. Aiming to juxtapose old-fashioned photography and the fast-paced world of social communication, also working on Double Exposure were esteemed stylist and contributing editor to Vogue UK; Bay Garnett, and revered fashion photographer Tom Craig.
In the film just over five minutes long, Taylor-Wood creates somewhat of a video montage, splicing together footage of her discussing her favourite objects and memories, a micro film and ultimately posing for a unique series of photographs – captured using one of the oldest techniques in photography - mercurial collodion - whereby the sitter has to pose for 12 seconds while each photo is taken to produce a slightly blurred, silver tone effect.

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