Saturday, 18 December 2010

An airbrush too far? We think Yes!

Yesterday myself and my boyfriend spent a good ten minutes laughing and taking the piss out of the Dolce and Gabbana advert for their new fragrance The One Gentleman, starring that imbecile Matthew McConaughey. For once the funny thing isn't McConaughey himself (although remembering his ridiculous cameo in Sex and The City is enough to have me laughing), but the hideously bad airbrushing on the ad. Not only does McConaughey look airbrushed to death - his skin is sallow and jaundice and he looks as though the rigamortis has set in, making this image look more like an ad for Madame Tussauds - but his fair hair is a rather suspicious shade of dark brown...

There is always a lot written about the airbrushing of women and how this skewers the body conscious minds of their female fans, which I think is great to highlight, however I think male airbrushing is just as pointless and unnecessary. Are men more likely to buy this product because this Texan twat is advertising it? Sadly, maybe. Are men more likely to buy this aftershave because it makes McConaughey look magically like a shadow of his former self? I think not!

What made me laugh the most about this ad is how malformed McConaughey's mouth looks... However, most importantly, why has one of the wealthiest and world-famous luxury fashion brands signed off on this... I'm baffled and bewildered, but I must say I'm glad they did for entertainment purposes!

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