Monday 14 November 2011

Kiss Pristine (written for GLASS Magazine)

As someone who learnt the benefits of make-up relatively late in my teenage life, for the past five years I’ve been on a quest to find a lip colour that does what it says on the tin. Kiss-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof, bleed-proof and other such false claims are rife in the beauty industry. However, light is at the end of the tunnel, as I've finally found a strong contender.

Available in fifteen pastel and warm pop colour shades, the Just Bitten lip stain and balm by Revlon is a revelation. Coming in a two ended wand, on one side you have pure colour. Applied with a nib much like that of a felt-tip pen; the idea is to colour dry lips with precision and wait for the colour to dry (in approx. 30 seconds). Then the other end of the wand comes into play. Take the moisturising lip balm and apply over lip stain to leave a smooth and glossy finish.

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