Sunday, 11 July 2010

LCF ‘Stars of the Future’ in pictures

Whilst these aren't the best pictures I've ever taken, I thought they'd still be worth putting up to illustrate how I saw the show a few weeks ago!
4- Kate Atkinson

5- Connie Lo

6- Jennifer Hockenhull

7- Nattaphon Sampataphakdee (winner of Collection of the Year award)

8- Yelena Loguiiko (winner of Design and Technology award)

9- Wei Ting Hu

10- Xiao Li

11- Joanna Prichard

12- Matthew Coats

13- Steph Goynes

14- Jennifer Ruth Low

15- Kai Yeung Yau

16- Yuco Kamiyama

17- Ming Si Ruan

18- Flett Bertram

19- Antra Kuznika

20- Jade Jung Sun Kim

21- Natalie Rae

22- Ki Ching Cheung and Ka Wai Lo

23- Jess Sayers

24- Vilvin Sabu (winner of The Barnett Lawson Trimmings award)

25- Amber Siegel

26- Ryo Himuro

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