Tuesday 5 January 2010

Spitalfields art installation

On the way to work yesterday I made my usual daily bimble through Spitalfields Market and found a new art installation around the back located between the White Stuff shop and Carluccio's.
What I really liked about this piece was how from a distance I couldn't fathom what it was or what it was supposed to be, but as I got closer I realised that there hadn't been an accident with lots of scaffolding poles and that it was quite brilliant. I really love it and now I have something new and exciting to look at twice a day... would like to find out who its by though... any ideas???
UPDATE: The lovely chaps at Spitalfields (see comment below) got in touch to say that its called System No. 18 by Julian Wild.


  1. Hi

    Glad you like it. It's called System No. 18 by Julian Wild. It is amazingly hypnotic somehow isn't it.

    We'll be updating our website with info on this sculpture next Monday and announcing the opening of the Spitalfields Sculpture Prize Exhibition and Public Vote where you can vote for the sculpture you'd like to see out of the eight finalists.

    Please come along and vote.

  2. Thank you Spitalfields- That's Fab... I'll update the post now and will definitely pop along to vote!

  3. Glad you like the piece. I'm really happy with its siting in this urban environment. It has a proper label now so people can see who its by!

    Julian Wild