Thursday 3 December 2009

SS10 PRESS DAYS: Part Nine

Earlier today I attended the New Look press day and am rather glad to say that this is the last one I’ll be attending this year! As with the ASOS press day there was a lot of colour on show and lots of embellishment everywhere I looked. Funnily enough the majority of the embellishments appeared to heavily feature on racer-back vests, waistcoats and tops, which to date I haven’t seen so strong anywhere else on the high street. Could New Look be starting a little micro trend I wonder...?

My favourite embellished piece was this cotton waistcoat embellished with several dozen plain cream buttons. Whilst it looks great, this is something that strikes a chord with me personally as I’m a sad fucker who collects buttons – so was overjoyed to discover a way I could put them to good use and be on trend next summer at the same time. I liked the pattern they’ve gone for here, simple yet chic, but think I’d mix it up a bit with mismatching buttons....

There were also lots of tops with slashed and cut backs...

Not too much that really stood out other than the accessories. More of the same (in terms of what we’re used to seeing everywhere that we already love) just tweaked a little and brought up to date for next season. I guess my favourite piece was the ‘lovely’ necklace which is quite a bargain at £25.

Something I did love (similar to that which I brought to your attention from the Miss Selfridge range, and also similar to the Agnes B locket pendant) was this beautiful heart shaped floral printed silk purse. Loved the florals and colours and just love this spin on the chain link bag. What I like is that these cute heart shaped bags are fun, sexy and are very summer-drinks-at- a-swanky-bar type bags. The only realistic reservation I have is that as a keen hoarder I like my handbags a bit bigger, but this beauty is well worth the squeeze.

Frivolity aside this is a stunning bag which I think could truly be worn with most outfits in any wardrobe unless you’re a Juicy Couture tracksuit type, and in that case I’m not sure why you would be enjoying this blog as if I could I would ban them being worn within a one mile radius of one’s house. Meaning the corner shop is okay, the school run is just about acceptable, but for anything more than defrosting the freezer wear some less chavvy clothes! Wanting to be fair and give credit where its due the two ladies that founded Juicy Couture have built up a huge empire and are minted beyond my wildest dreams, so they obviously know what they’re doing and are catering to a market who can’t seem to get enough of their LA Wag style.

Obviously on a bit of a ramble today so much so that I’ve almost forgotten to mention the Gold label collection by Giles. Shock Horror it was very, very nice. Really liked the embellished illustration T-shirt dress, only trouble is if you’re a bit booby it looks really shit and spoils the image so regretfully that won’t be making its way into my wardrobe. Really like the black and white striped mack which looked quite silky, and alos like the monochrome sequined dress which was tres chic.

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