Thursday 27 August 2009

Kate Moss for Topshop FW09 collection

For decades I have long been a fan of the legend that is Kate Moss. I have always shied away from writing about her in the past as I was so enamoured with her in my youth that even now I’m tempted to write a gushing essay about not only her beauty, but the tangible presence that I feel as a fashion lover, enthusiast and consumer- she brings to each and every one of her shoots, which is why I feel that she is a British style icon who will always be a household name.

My love for Kate Moss aside, originally I was sceptical about her collaboration with Topshop back in 2007, but after watching each collection from a safe distance I feel that she has gone from strength to strength. What started as a fashion collaboration not more than two and a half years ago has seen one of the biggest names in fashion partner with one of the UK’s leading high street retailers, Topshop. It is also Kate’s widely publicised friendship with Topshop owner and retail guru Sir Phillip Green that has caused so much media attention and endless speculation as to what they will produce together in the future.

Today sees Kate launch her 11th- yes 11th collection for Topshop and it is by far the best. Great for any British woman aspiring to have the laissez-faire style and nonchalance of Britain’s most celebrated supermodel. As with every collection, Kate has drawn upon the eclectic style that she has become famed for and has cited her extensive wardrobe as a source of inspiration for her range.

When it was first disclosed that Kate was using her own wardrobe as a base for her designs I like most people wrote her off and waxed lyrical about models trying to be designers without the intrinsic skills of both design and cut which are honed to perfection by professional designers who have learnt their craft. However when you actually read or see interviews with Kate and hear her referencing some of her favourite garments, they are mostly one off pieces that are from thrift stores or vintage shops which encapsulate the fashion and spirit of the 20th Century throughout the decades. Taking this into consideration I believe that Kate is actually doing something really great for British fashion and let’s face it our failing high streets. It would have been all too easy for Kate to create a diffusion line with one of her celeb fashion friends such as Stella McCartney or Karl Lagerfeld, so for her to team up with such a renowned and well loved British store to bring great pieces to the masses is something which cannot be snubbed.
For the highly anticipated new collection Kate offers high voltage glamour at high street prices. Interestingly Kate references the ‘flamboyant ‘80s’ as her inspiration for the collection; however as a huge fan of the 1940s I would say that the glamour depicted is more reminiscent of the Noir heroine. From the beautifully iconic black and white campaign photography you get the sense that there is more to this collection and that Kate is playing the role of heroine in her own film. For example my favourite of the campaign images is that of Kate in the Jacquard bandeau dress in gold (pictured left). This is a very evocative image as it bears a striking resemblance to the iconic scene in Gilda (1946) where Rita Hayworth is performing a striptease in a Buenos Aires casino bar.

Brimming with vintage inspiration Kate uses a variety of fabrics from chiffon, faux fur and wool to create a range which brims with elegance, sophistication and sexiness. Key pieces include the delightful Butterfly dress, which retails at £65.00 and the tribal looking Butterfly long scarf which retails at £40.00 (pictured left).

My favourite piece from the collection is the limited edition Double Layer dress (pictured right). For me this £120.00 dress is a stand out piece inspired by the late 1920s-30s and features beautifully constructed beading on the outer slip of the dress. For me this is a runaway winner as it reminds me very much of the fashions described by one of my favourite authors F.Scott Fitzgerald in his 1926 novel ‘the Great Gatsby’, which could well have been the inspiration as I know (very ashamedly) that Kate also rates Fitzgerald among her favourite authors.
The new collection by Kate Moss in on sale today!
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