Sunday 5 July 2009

'Waiting for Godot' at Theatre Royal

 Yesterday came a moment I had long been waiting for and exactly two months after my birthday it was time to redeem my gift and go to the Theatre Royal to see two phenomenal actors in ‘Waiting for Godot’.
A modern version of Samuel Beckett’s 1948 play the Theatre Royal version saw two giants of both theatre and film Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stuart join forces to play the two lead roles of Vladimir and Estragon (pictured below).
As someone who is not exactly the biggest fan of Beckett, I still loved this performance and found it to be truly an honour to spend two odd hours in the company of such legends. A superb evening even if I didn’t fully understand the play at all times...
‘Waiting for Godot’ is showing at the Theatre Royal until 9th August.
Image courtesy of Theatre Royal website.

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