Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Point Of Design: Sanserif Creatius' Habla

Another new and innovative product from Valencia-based design studio Sanserif Creatius, is a shelving system that facilitates communication with roommates or fellow workers. Imitating the form of a speech bubble, Habla interacts with objects in the home and creates a visual communication system. Formally speaking, Habla is a wall shelf with two possible arrangements, in which the strength of the concept based on adapting the speech bubble borrowed from comic books, opens up interaction with the space and its other users.

Habla has been conceived to hang from or be fixed to the wall, being completely integrated with the vertical surface thanks to the use of an invisible fixing system. In this way, it reinforces the sensation of a 2D vignette of the composition you wish to make. Just as the speech bubble in a comic strip or graphic novel provides us with essential information that allows us to understand what is going on, or which reveals key details about the main character in the story, as designer Ana Yago explains, “Habla provides us with information on the space where it is located, on who lives there, underscoring an element or a series of them”.

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