Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Point Of Design: Fotis Evans

Image courtesy of Fotis Evans
Having graduated from a BA in Furniture and Product Design just last year, Fotis Evans is a great design talent to keep an eye out for in 2011. Having worked with none other than Somerset House back in 2009/10, Fotis designed the Somerset House Book Stall System, which is a clever multifunctional book display and storage solution, which fulfils the needs of the small space comprising Somerset House’s newest Bookshop.

Borrowing elements from book flea market displays, the Book Stall System is a combination of three objects, a table and two bookshelves. The bookshelves are made from ash and are lightweight, which makes the crates easy to be transported and transformed into several functional storage and display solutions. The crate bookshelves are routed and finger joined in a way to create square corners inside the bookcases.

With an underlying concern for the future sustainability of design in what is termed as the product’s afterlife, Fotis is continually searching for solutions: “It is very important when we design products to think of their afterlife. One way of course is to make them easy to be recycled, but for me this is not enough. The factories that the recycled products are going to end up in, will consume even more energy in order to create reusable material sources. This means that we don't just have one stage that a product is in a factory but two. For that reason all my product are created using interesting geometries and forms to create afterlife product functions.”

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