Thursday, 23 February 2012

LFW Diary AW12: Krystof Strozyna

Held in the upstairs vestibule of the resplendent Freemasons Hall, Susie 'Style Bubble' Lau was the biggest name in the room, causing many to point and stare at the front row, seeing a blogger trump competition from Sugababe Amelle Berrabah and part-time cast member of E4's Dirty Sexy Things, Jay.
Staying true to his signature design aesthetic Krystof Strozyna's AW12 collection celebrates the female form as I've come to expect from this young designer; fabric is cut to frame a silhouette in all its glory with delicate draping and a well-placed split to add a bit of drama to this range of classic shapes.
Designed with an hourglass figure in mind, panelling and accent colours brought the collection to life, with a strong geometric cut cleverly concealed. What was at first dominated by shades of the night sky, Strozyna deftly mixed in shades of cream, ink and navy, with bursts of cobalt blue and powder pink.
His ninth collection, press releases on each seat told the audience that AW12 is predominantly inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. An altogether slick offering, dresses were the epitome of sophistication and understatement, making Strozyna one of the most wearable designers on the London scene.

Perhaps aiming to capture the imaginations of red carpet celebrities and those already on the hunt for the 'perfect' dress for winter's party season, decadent jewellery punctuated the most elegant gowns, while contrasting textures such as leather and sheer panelling added definition. Modern twists and embellishments came in the form of multiple zips.

Hair was simple and elegant. There was none of the fuss seen at other shows where models have had to endure all manner of crazy dye jobs, oil or worse still drastic cuts: sleek and chic, elegant blow-dries were the order of the day.

*Images throughout courtesy of Goodley PR.

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