Thursday, 8 October 2009

Traditional London phonebox left to go to ruin, WC2H

As I was out and about on Tuesday I was walking behind Tottenham Court Road bus station and saw this phone box and was rather outraged. There are so few traditional phone boxes left in London that I was baffled to see it treated with such disrespect by Londoners, but also by Camden Council... I mean hello what are rubbish and street collectors doing? It really wound me up as not only is it unsightly, but you can't actually use it for obvious reasons and there are probably vermin having a party in there. I just thought it was really sad. However my spirits were lifted slightly when several passersby saw that I was taking a photo of it and were commented that they were just as disgusted by it as I was and am- think I might make a point of going back to it to see if it's been cleaned up... if only I worked near there! Hmmm... this could get very interesting...