Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dizzee Rascal live at Electric Proms last night

Last night on BBC2 I was lucky enough to catch Dizzee Rascal's Electric Proms set live from The Roundhouse. It was absolutely brilliant. Long have I been a fan of Dizzee and have follwed his career since he was championed by Jools Holland back in 2003 when he went on to win the Mercury Music Prize for his debut album Boy In Da Corner. I was fortunate enough to meet him at Underage Festival a couple of years back and he was so polite and sweet (which I don't think people would expect), and its just so nice to see him doing really well.
Highlights of the set were for me very clear. Being the Electric Proms he had to mix it up a little and with Dizzee it's good to expect the unexpected. That said I wasn't disappointed when he reworked two of his more recognisable songs from his first album. The first was Jus' A Rascal which he performed to the tune of Reptilia by The Stroke's. The Second was Stand Up Tall which he rocked along to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.
There is honestly only two words for someone who can mix and mash genres like that so effortlessly: AMAZING TALENT!!!

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  1. Oh I so wanted to go to this!!! Glad you had a wicked time.

    FYI I was walking to work the otherday and thought of you, you know why? I saw a CLEAN redphone box, infact it was being used!!

    I'll take a pic next time!

    MM x