Monday, 21 September 2009

Street Style, WC2 21.09.09

This afternoon I hit the streets of Soho armed with my camera looking for some great outfits and people with a clear sense of style for new trend blog Street Hunting Club. Unfortunately for me a lot of the uber cool fashion types weren't interested in having their photos taken- you know who you are! Persevering I stumbled upon a few stylish people (pictured below) and even managed to drum up an invitation for a one-on-one make up session this weekend by a lovely lady who works at Selfridges....
As you can see from the below images I didn't go out specifically looking to find people all following the same trend, rather I wanted to capture cool dressers who follow their own trends. Loving the young lady at the bottom who is rocking a really cute shirt and shorts combo, accesorised with the addition of pearls, bow headband and vintage belt. She looks very New Romantics meets Parisian chic with a little bit of emo thrown in for good measure- and it works so well. Absolutely love the lady below everything from the shoes to the hair and the cardigan works well and compliment each other and she's obviously not afraid to stand out... I like this look a lot and would love to raid her wardrobe, as I'm sure she has lots of great pieces which look even more amazing when worn together! Let's not forget the men who are also looking very dapper; one with an on-trend check shirt and statement shoes, the other in a great fitting suit, stylish accessories and a mod inspired haircut. Think I'm going to have to harrass people on the streets of London more often...

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